[chuck-users] exponential envelope

Alex French grackle at mrdevcat.com
Thu Jun 2 22:02:35 EDT 2011

> I'm a bit short on time now but I seem to remember you can chuck to and from
> the GenN ugens. Are you sure you need that loop?

Hmm. The documentation agrees with you: "Lookup can either be done
using the lookup() function, or by driving the table with an input
UGen, typically a Phasor."

I tried to drive the Gen5 ugen with an envelope, but that didn't seem
to work (or do anything at all). I tried a few other variations on
this idea with no result. Maybe this is not what you meant, and what I
am doing is completely silly.

Noise n => Envelope e => Gen5 curve => dac;

[0., 1., 0.] => curve.coefs;
500::ms => e.duration;

while (true) {
        1::second => now;
        2::second => now;

Let me know what you think. I appreciate the help.

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