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what's the status on this vaw thing? i've seen what some of these muds
can do as virtual worlds, well more than muds, is this what is being
planned? except audio and not text?

On 5/28/2011 8:47 PM, Les Hall wrote:
> I have decided to create a ChucK-based distributed virtual audio world.  
> In this world we will have places which are physically located on each other's computers and virtually located throughout cyberspace.  The first place in this world will be on my Mac mini.  I have received permission to use five of the public streaming ports on radio.electro-music.com for this world temporarily.  
> In the event that it grows, we will address the issue of expansion with electro-music server resources, however this world will not be restricted in any way other than morally, ethically, and legally as appropriate.  This means that if you have streaming resources you may use them as well.  
> The focal point for discussion of this virtual audio world will be a thread that I just started on the ChucK forum of electro-music.com.  The thread is here:  
> http://electro-music.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=48042
> Tonight I will set up a two-channel version of this world so that I and up to two guests can participate as soon as possible.  It will use public ports public_1, public_2, and public_3, the latter two of which are for guests of my place in this world.  I will post full information of the admittedly somewhat complex task of setting up for streaming into this world in the thread linked above.  
> I openly invite your participation.  
> Les
> (Inventor)
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