[chuck-users] pieces written in ChucK

Mark mark.cerqueira at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 15:24:50 EDT 2011

CliX, written by Ge, is written purely in ChucK. Listen to it here:


It's part of PLOrk's main repository (I think) which can be downloaded here:


OR if you're feeling adventurous you can use the multicast version I adapted for my thesis research a while ago. It'll work as long as your router doesn't suck at multicasting. :P



On Jun 7, 2011, at 12:16 PM, Joel Matthys wrote:

> I've been teaching ChucK to my Intro to Electronic Music students this quarter at CCM here in Cincinnati, and I've struggled to find recordings of pieces to play in class. I have one:
> http://soundcloud.com/jwmatthys/shearpin
> Are there others out there? Is there a reason so few use ChucK for fixed-format?
> Joel
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