[chuck-users] ChucK and Pulseaudio (Ubuntu 10.04)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 09:17:13 EDT 2011


> All in all I need some help here... is there a reason why chuck-alsa
> is not routing through pulse?

Probably :-)

What is not clear to me though is that this is a ChucK issue. ChucK itself
doesn't support PortAudio as such and I think few programs do. As I
understand things PortAudio is meant to try to unify the rather baroque
situation in Linux audio drivers and tries to catch and mix signals. ChucK
doesn't send things directly to PortAudio (and we don't require it, probably
partially because not everyone likes or uses PortAudio...) I don't know why
PA fails to catch ChucK's signal or ChucK sends it in some uncatchable way.
Likely this is the result of the used library (RTAudio).

Of course as a answer that's no good to you (maybe others have better
explanations?). Have you considered trying Jack for routing signals instead?
Jack is meant for that; for routing and recording signals, and is quite good
at it. You could also do it internally, by chucking the dac to WvOut and so
having ChucK record all that ChucK does. That last option might be the most
simple one. There is a example file that demonstrates this, have a look
whether it suits your needs.

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