[chuck-users] Modulation of parameters "by hand"? Does ChucK have a function reference data type?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 16:36:43 EDT 2011


> In the interim, I've written a simple class for any float and int-based
> modulating parameters, "Param" ... Define these parameters globally, and
> spork 2 shreds, one to modulate the parameter's value with an LFO, and one
> to monitor the values and update the parameter in the appropriate object...
> The modulation stuff is all generic now, it can be anything that can be
> represented by a float or and int, and the updater shred(s) are simple
> enough to copy & paste... I could conceivably write a single updater shred
> that updates all the modulated parameters in the appropriate locations, and
> that should cut down on my memory footprint and represent the other portion
> of the patch cable setup...

Yes. I agree with the style of your solution. As your analysis already makes
clear; the core of the issue is a namespace one. Interestingly that's also
what the relevant chapter in the new book on SuperCollider notes, when
explaining the reasoning behind their solution (interesting reading material
for those so inclined). ChucK right now has a fairly simple but quite strict
name-space system and I feel that exactly this issue is a good reason to
push for more powerful features there.

Fortunately not all is lost and there are tricks; here is my own; not very
full featured but it's compact to make up for it;

That's largely inspired by how I understood the SC solution. And there is
more good news; I had forgotten where that trick was, online, so I googled
it and in the process (re-) found this; http://cip.ablelemon.co.uk/ which is
by Scott Hewitt. That looks a lot more extensive. I remember when Scott did
that but at the time I didn't have the time for it so now I'll look at it

Three cheers for Open Source and sharing which clearly helps us all! :-)

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