[chuck-users] Tracking down clicks and pops..

Johnathan Bell enigma.0za at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 17:43:22 EDT 2011

I'm working on a subtractive synthesis program written in ChucK, and I'm not sure, I may have sporked one too many threads, it may be that I'm just not resetting some parameter, but I'm getting some clicking noises in my latest program... I guess my first question is in general, what would cause a clicking or popping noise first of all...

The synth is three square waves, slightly detuned and out of phase with each other, and there's a high-to-low LPF and HPF filter acting on the note as it attacks and decays, but it seems to only click *sometimes* and specifically when I hit a low note and then go up to a high note. If I disable filter sweeping entirely, it seems to get rid of some of the clicks, but not all of them. The program is based on the example "polyfony.ck" but it's quite a bit larger now (approx 700+ lines)... 

Some other notes of concern, each note handler thread (of which there are 20) sporks it's own threads to modulate some parameters, so being 20 note handlers + three threads per note handler + a few other threads (such as the midi watcher), I've got almost 90 threads running at one time, could that be part of the issue?

- Johnathan

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