[chuck-users] avoiding lag

Harald Gutsche hg42 at gmx.net
Mon Jun 27 12:51:17 EDT 2011

[note: when I say "time step" below, I mean the next time "now" is
explicitely set to]

> 1::second => dur t;
> t - (now % t) => now;
> That way the two scripts are supposed to start in sync at the next second.

wouldn't something like

  1::second => now;

be enough to ensure that all initialization is done before the next time step?

Additionally, if

  now % t    is near   t    (say e.g. t-1)

the operation

  t - (now % t) => now;

performs only a few steps in time, that is the difference between (now
% t) and  t.

Which specific problems should be solved by your code above?

In general I think (or thought) chuck always works strictly in sync,
except if the time needed by all the operations for a time step is
more than allowed by the next time step, which either means the
computer is too slow or the operations should be reordered in a better
way. Am I wrong with this assumption?

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