[chuck-users] ChucKchat8

Les Hall lester.hall at comcast.net
Tue May 17 10:03:19 EDT 2011

We tested ChucKchat last night and found some major improvements, a polite way of saying that the prototype was pretty crude so my apologies if you tried it and found it lacking.  Anyway, all those bugs are fixed, especially with the use of line reading which forces us to use the command line version of ChucK only but that's OK.  

We did manage to test features like turning each other's music on and off from across the web and that worked just fine.  Several details like text feedback of each feature, etc, were added.  I also put the ip addresses in a "friends.txt" file external to the source code so I can distribute the code without revealing my friends' ip addresses to the world, nice feature lol.  

At radio.electro-music.com I have started some discussion about having a ChucKchat net-looping concert which should be fun, and in the mean time I am doing some individual net-looping of my own.  Oh, and ChucKchat now has a properly working and debugged Karplus Strong algorithm driven by a thing of my own creation, a Boolean Sequencer.  

Just keeping you all updated.  Hmm, no response from the group yet...  


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