[chuck-users] ChucKchat8

Les Hall lester.hall at comcast.net
Tue May 17 17:48:42 EDT 2011

On May 17, 2011, at 5:34 PM, Michael Heuer wrote:

> Kassen;
>> On 17 May 2011 16:26, Craig Latta <craig at netjam.org> wrote:
>>>> Hmm, no response from the group yet...
>>>     I am strongly in favor of this. :)
>> Me too. If this aims in the direction I think it does then this kind of
>> thing is where I believe performative coding is (or should be) heading,
>> especially because with a chat interface people from around the world who
>> might normally experience a language barrier (not to mention a geographical
>> one!) could play together.
> An obvious next step would be to add chat commands to send/receive OSC
> messages.  Or pardon me if that is the way this works already, I
> haven't taken a look yet.
> Then I start thinking of the WAN timing/synchronization problem with
> OSC (and MIDI over WIFI too I suppose) and I'm crestfallen.  :|  Has
> any progress been made in this area?
>   michael

Yes michael, there are text commands sent over OSC that control various features of the music generation and the looping effect (which is simply a pitch shifter).  In this particular type of jam there is no concern about timing / synchronization because what we are doing is net-looping.  The goal in this type of looping is to use the web as the delay line in a looping configuration.  We inject various types of audio and ride the gain and other controls in such a way that a buildup of layers upon layers of sound develops, often with cool sounding results.  So clearly there is no need for synchronization here.  

Using the public channels of radio.electro-music.com and ChucKchat, we can make various configurations of loopers across multiple computers around the world.  I have proposed that we hold a net-looping (if that's a good term for it, i made that up) concert at electro-music sometime in the near future.  Anyone is welcome to join us, just stop by the em chatroom.  


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