[chuck-users] Internet Jam Suggestion

Les Hall lester.hall at comcast.net
Wed May 18 12:07:49 EDT 2011

On May 18, 2011, at 11:53 AM, john saylor wrote:

> hola
> 2011/5/18 Matt B. <matthew.biddle at gmail.com>:
>> How about you receive what your friend is doing after a predictable delay,
>> so like it's buffered, and you're in sync with them in a quarter note sense
>> but hearing what they did a bar earlier... So say it's in 4/4 time,
>> everything will still sound okay, but to each user you're hearing what the
>> other guy did a bar ago... make sense?
> well, i'm not coding it, but i think a more free form approach
> [without barlines] is what i was imagining. also, network latency will
> not often match up with beats. if that kind of rhythmic precision is
> important, perhaps ChucK could do the quantizing itself.
> i was thinking more or non metered music- collections of sounds.
> [ambient, "field recordings", and the like]

I had thought of that, Matt, but did not describe it in my post.  I am sure the experts who are working on this have as well, and I think it is one of the excellent approaches to the delay issue.  

For my personal use, I'm thinking closer to John's approach, mainl because of the long delay that I am dealing with.  The streaming delays seem to vary but typically are about 20 seconds in length, round trip.  This is bad for simultaneity, but good for looping because in looping you generally want that kind of delay, 20 seconds or more.  

Yet a third approach might be if you generated music with ChucK and simply sent music commands over the web.  Those could travel much faster than the audio signal so we get back to Matt's idea.  Obviously there are many possibilities and they probably will exist in categories one day if not already!  


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