[chuck-users] Today's ChucKchat NetLooping Session

Les Hall lester.hall at comcast.net
Wed May 18 17:22:53 EDT 2011

For about two or three hours today, I did netlooping on radio.electro-music.com using ChucKchat.  The results were quite positive.  I announced it on facebook where many music friends hang out, and we got 10 listeners - half from electro-music chat regulars and half from facebook.  That's just about how many we get for scheduled shows so it indicates at least some level of interest.  

I did vocals and music into the loop and explained lots of things about how it all works, plus joked around with the folks in chat.  Then near the end, Blue_Hell installed his setup and remotely controlled my software from across the Atlantic ocean!  He successfully did things like change tempo and gain and such, but quickly lost interest because, let's face it, a three-word command line interface is not very musically intuitive.  

So my next goal is to make it more fun by using the mouse and/or keyboard to control the music remotely.  That should help a lot in terms of fun.  Overall it was a big success for an impromptu event and we hope to have many more events like this.  Yay \o/  


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