[chuck-users] chuckchat

Les Hall lester.hall at comcast.net
Sun May 22 12:40:23 EDT 2011

On May 22, 2011, at 3:57 AM, tempjayren at gmail.com wrote:
> i've read about this briefly though admit i don't understand much of
> anything that's being talked about. though i'd love to connect with
> other chucksters ooo. chuckster, is that a valid word? i like the sound
> of it.
> this sounds similar to what the ninjam application lets nonchuck users
> do, and doing this with a chuck theme would have to be just great.
> i need more info though. if someone can write me offlist and give me
> that info, i'd appreciate it. i'm hoping there's no binary i have to get
> as i'm in windows, all i've got is the chuck.exe, would have to be a
> precompiled binary as i don't have compiler tools.

I emailed this this person and tried to help get ChucK set up and stuff but they are on a PC and I'm Mac.  Plus they use a reader and cannot get into chat via the site.  The chat is #electro on blitzed btw.  can someone help them?


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