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Les Hall lester.hall at comcast.net
Mon May 23 05:56:01 EDT 2011

Tony, you are the fourth person (including me) to show interest in ChucKchat8.ck and netlooping.  Best thing to do is hang out in the chatroom at a good time.  It will not happen immediately as we must set up and configure programs for broadcasting and for ChucK.  It also requires a player such as iTunes or VLC.  Here is how to get started:  

To stream on the public channels of www.electro-music.com, you must hang out in the chatroom and talk to the folks there about it.  To run your own stream is up to you how you do that.  The electro-music chatroom is #electro on blitzed.  The people in chat will take time, if a show is not online at the moment, to help get you all set up.  Once set up you will be free to use electro-music.com's public channels as long as you keep to the rules which are simple.  

That said, you don't need to stream to get started.  You can run ChucKchat8.ck and communicate with my instance on my machine which can be set up for streaming, and then you can remotely control my music input into the stream and my looping feedback of it with simple commands.  It's all in the manual on the forum.  Here is the link to the forum thread:  


Hope to hear you there!  


On May 23, 2011, at 1:20 AM, Tony Maryana wrote:

> that great, how I can join and partcipate? using OSC. thanks
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