[chuck-users] Holodeck Phaser Practice

Les Hall lester.hall at comcast.net
Fri May 27 23:28:57 EDT 2011

I bet you didn't know that ChucK has a holodeck.  Yep, an audio only holodeck with a real phaser target practice program.  It works with any compatible phaser such as the Gyration Air Mouse Elite.  If you have such a device, go to the following ChucK forum thread and get yourself a copy of the code.  


Although slightly buggy, this code does work and I plan to do more with it, both fixing the wrap-around bug and adding lots of cool features.  I'm open to suggestions on what else to add and what to refine, and if anyone could take a look at the if() statements in the mouse routine that wrap phaserTheta and phaserPhi to their angular limits, that would be greatly appreciated.  

Also note that the Gyration Air Mouse Elite has a healthy working range to it, so you can crank up your speakers and step out into the hallway or open floorspace so you have room to move around.  People nearby will probably get a kick out of it also - tell them ChucK sent you.  

See you on the holodeck!  


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