[chuck-users] chuck linux-alsa in Ubuntu 11.04

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue May 31 08:34:01 EDT 2011

> What's going on here? I asked for the CMI8738, but I'm getting I/O
> errors from the nvidia device. At this point I'm completely lost.
Odd. Just to make sure (I've seen many seasoned pro's forget to plug in
power for a device thought broken...); you are sure your alsa-dev libraries
are all in place and of the correct version?
Did you check what happens if you don't "suspend" PulseAudio? In my
experience chuck-alsa connects just fine to PulseAudio, provided you are not
also running something like Skype and/or a browser with a running Flash
plugin. Those two tend to try to be compatible with very old drivers (good,
I suppose) and in the meantime manage to not be compatible with running
stuff like ChucK at the same time (bad).

I suggest you drop the suspending of PA for a moment, close all browsers and
Skype sessions, then try all likely DAC candidates again in turn. If
anything interesting shows up I'd like you to post it to this list, as you
did above.

Hope that gets us a bit further; I hope we can get this to work because
ChucK for game audio sounds quite exciting.

Hope that helps,
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