[chuck-users] vim script for live chucking

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 15:39:23 EST 2011

On 28/11/2011, Renato Fabbri <renato.fabbri at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is what I used and it was quite enough given the execussion had another
> live coder and a PD and mixer improviser:
> http://ubuntuone.com/7P9ZFMFVVa9cBr4LZ1xtjg

Way cool. I -litterally- just came in from late groceries and on my
walk back resolved to install whatever the latest ChucK-Vim setup was
posted to the list. I started getting into Vim seriously a few weeks
back and it's time to get a ChucK syntax file. Perfectly timed!

> My replace map doesnt work though (last line of the text file on the link).
> Any
> idea?

I can try... but I'm quite new to Vim. I'll have a look.

> BTW, we live coded for more de 2 thousand people here in Brasil at
> Festival Contato. Some
> say about ~5 thousand, i guess ~3,5k.

Awesome! Are there any videos of this? Audio recordings? Snippets of
particularly interesting code?

> Chuck live-coding with Vim rvl3z. Vilson Vieira, the other live-coder,
> used Emacs. We projected
> both desktops at the same time.

More awesome! Would you care to share any of your strategies for
livecoding ChucK, particularly from Vim? There was a topic about
experiences with livecoding a bit back but sadly it died before much
depth or debate could be had. I had been focussing on Fluxus/FLuxa for
a while, for my livecoding, but reading stuff like this and my recent
playing with ChucK makes me think I should do a few ChucK-based
assesions again.

>From your file it seems like you are using some quite exotic ideas;
how are you using this file?


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