[chuck-users] ChucK Language Features

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 09:08:35 EST 2011

On 30/11/2011, Colin Sullivan <colinsul at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks much for the feedback!

I try, I don't know everything either... :-)

> I've figured out the UGen subclassing and it was a relief to hear it
> working :)  I was using an `output` method before.

Check. You can subclass them to turn a big UGen into a specialised one
with simplified members for your purpose.
You can't get to the actual DSP, at least not right now. Word on the
proverbial street has it that that will be fixed.

> The release of ChucK I am using is `` which is an OS X build
> from a link Spencer posted not too long ago.

That should be fine, then.

> I will look through the type system, thanks for the advice.

If you could make any progress there then that would do wonders for
your popularity, at least in our little club.

If the issues there make you run into any walls then shout; there are
tricks here and there.
Sadly once you start to get tricky with the types then you also tend
to run into the garbage collector. if that happens some extra
assignments (using "@") can help, those increase the reference count.
Admittedly that's slightly like fixing a spacecraft with duct-tape.


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