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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 06:47:10 EDT 2011

> Hi Kassen,
Hey Tom,

> If I change the delay to 123::ms for example, I get pretty much the same
> result.
Ok, that's me estimating wrong, then.

> Right ! If I remove the reverb, I get a simple echo effect, thus the 0.8
> gain works as expected. So the reverb must act as a strong amplifier,
> even with low parameters. This problem you describe with reverbs +
> synthetic sound totally makes sense here.
Yes, it's a annoying property of the build-in reverbs. the magnitude of this
effect varies wildly with the frequency of the material.

> I'm using chuck (dracula). As for this part of my code, I didn't
> think it would work either. Reading the doc, I was like "what? But I've
> never derived from a UGen before! And ChucK don't really have
> constructors right ?" But obviously everything went better than expected

Yes, it's nice, I'm currently running some tests on it. Of course this is
proper behaviour; the extended class *should* also be a "Delay" (as well as
a UGen) and so the chuck operator should automatically be overloaded to deal
with this. At least that's what I feel the docs imply. In the past, however,
this didn't work and there has been some discussion on that. You could
extend a UGen, but the result wouldn't connect to the UGen graph (so that
was quite useless). The odd thing is that I can't remember this working in before. I have a gut feeling there was a update because of the
issues with OSX Lion and some other changes also got pushed in, but the
version number wasn't incremented and no changes were listed in the VERSIONS
file... but that's pure speculation.

It'd be nice to get some official word on this. In the meantime; very, very
nice find you made here!

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