[chuck-users] one-liners

Lucas Zawacki lfzawacki at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 18:52:48 EDT 2011

Very interesting videos and blog! I've been thinking of exploring
chuck for writing samples directly to the dac and these videos
inspired me :)

Step s => dac;
0 => int t;

while (true) {
    // your one-liner here
    t++; t*((t>>12|t>>8)&63&t>>4) $ float => s.next;
    6::samp => now;

The result resembles the ones shown in the video (the code above is
the first tune from the first video in the post) but is not so nice to
my ears.

Advancing time by 6 samples is the way I found to emulate a 8Khz
sample rate, because I couldnt set it using the --srate parameter, but
I dunno if this is correct at all. Also the Step ugen seems to want
input between -1 and 1 and I don't know what's really happening to it
when I feed him these absurd values... all I know is that it seems to

Any suggestion on making this code better?

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