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> Hello Guys, I new to the list and to Chuck as well, I am starting to use
> this language and see what happens, in creative level, therefore as I am
> working nowadays to a project using granular synthesis and the wii as a
> controller I would like to know with which objects or whatever you call
> that, should I mess around, thank you in advance.
Hi konstantino, Welcome on board.

If you mean the "building blocks" of sound; we call those "UGens", for Unit
Generators, after the CSound convention. Those are also "objects" too,
that's how it goes in object oriented programming :¬).

Anyway the one that you probably want for granulation is called LiSa (for
LIve SAmpling). If you open the examples directory that came with your
download and look in the "special" sub-foldr there you will see a series of
files dedicated to documenting and explaining LiSa.

One possible strategy for you would be to read and run those, pick one
that's closest to what you want and edit that. You could then copy-paste one
of the examples that deals with input (like MIDI or OSC) in there and try to
bolt the two together. That strategy has worked well for learning how it all
works for others. Poking at the examples and editing them is IMHO still the
best way to learn on your own. If you would get stuck simply ask questions

Good luck and have fun!

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