[chuck-users] granular synthesis in chuck

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 16:23:01 EDT 2011

> Spencer, is there any repository to miniAudicle to help you on its
> development? How miniAudicle source is related with Audicle and ChucK?

I'd also be willing to help. Last night I noticed another few usability
issues on Linux. I think the link between the text buffers and the shreds
they represent is getting a bit messed up. I'd like to try to help fix
things like that, if that would be welcome.

BTW; the mini simply contains a ChucK VM, Vilson. That code is quite
modular, you can swap out the directory of ChucK code, recompile and expect
it to work. For Audicle that should probably be the case, but there it
doesn't work, probably due to updates to ChucK since Audicle was made.
That's a bit sad as Audicle was a cool idea.

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