[chuck-users] Clipping with LiSa

Timothy Leonido timothy.leonido at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 12:38:01 EDT 2011

Hey All,

I'm trying to write a patch that will regularly take new samples from its
input.  I'm routing itunes to chuck (via soundflower) and manipulating the
samples with LiSa.  The patch is creating a lot of strange clipping noises—
like the sounds of bad guitar cables, which is confusing since this is all
internal.   Here is my patch, if anyone has any ideas:

adc => LiSa loopme => NRev r=> Envelope e=> dac;
10::second => loopme.duration;
10::ms => loopme.recRamp;

1::second => loopme.loopEndRec;
.25 => loopme.rate;
1::second =>
1 => loopme.loop;
1 => loopme.bi;
1 => loopme.play;

250::ms => dur t => e.duration;

while(true) {
    1 => loopme.record;
600::ms => now;
400::ms => loopme.recRamp;
400::ms => now;
0 => loopme.record;

Sometimes the crackling builds up and gets really abrasive, which some
people seem to like.  I'd prefer to get rid of it.


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