[chuck-users] more fun with random old school computer noise

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this example gave me the idea to do what i want though i don't know
how to implement it.take the random bleep bloop example of old school
computer noise, using the sinewave thing as described, then  bring in
another random element. that can pick between 1 and 5. and at each
number, it picks a different type of wave to play with, sin sqr saw
puls or noise, though of course noise isn't a nice happy wave.
if it picks say 3 on one run, then on the next run also happens to
pick 3 we toss out that run and make it run again until it picks
something different while either playing silence for that run or
skipping it entire.
my problem seems to be changing the patch based on the number. if it
is 1, then the sin wave is used, just like the example. if 2, then the
sqr wave. and of course it would be a fixed dur for each run, say 200
ms or so.
have i left anything out this time? i hope not.

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