[chuck-users] Beginner question about audio artifacts

Tom Lieber tom at alltom.com
Sun Apr 15 12:26:41 EDT 2012

On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 11:57 AM, [chriswicks] <crwicks at yahoo.com> wrote:
> 1. Does anyone have any ideas/methods/tricks on how to address the gain
> changes algorithmically so that it automatically adjusts when new shreds are
> added to the VM?

You may have luck using Dyno. Put a shared one in-between all your
shreds and the dec and call limit() on it (or tweak the parameters
yourself :).

> 2. My collaborator for this project uses OSX and doesn't experience the same
> clipping/artifacts that I do.  I installed Ubuntu Linux on the same hardware
> config as I was using Windows 7 and I was able to add many, many more shreds
> without any noticeable clipping.  Can anybody speak to this?

The OS does its own clipping between ChucK and the sound card. OS X
usually does a fine job of scaling down audio that is well out of
bounds, but different operating systems do it in different ways. On OS
X I've found that limiting gain in ChucK is basically unnecessary.

Tom Lieber

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