[chuck-users] Code to remove all shreds from the VM?

henrique matias hems.inlet at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 15:33:29 EDT 2012

i guess it potentially not helping with your problem but might a workaround

do a basic class for your stuff and spork the shreds by a class method
instead of the normal spork, and then save the id of the sporked

so later you can ask a class to remove all the sporked shreds.

to be honest i didnt do this routine yet, otherwise i would send it.
but that's part of the my "plan"

2012/4/26 [chriswicks] <crwicks at yahoo.com>:
> Hi all!
> Does anyone know if there's some way to use Machine.remove to remove all
> currently running shreds?  I couldn't find anything in the documentation and
> I tried a few different things...anyone have any ideas on this?  Thanks!
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