[chuck-users] LiSa looping issue

Harald hg42 at gmx.net
Fri Apr 27 03:41:40 EDT 2012

Hi Matt,

if you get some xruns only at start, the overall performance of your system
seems to be ok. You would get many xruns otherwise.

My guess: I think chuck needs some time to initialize and build your audio
chain (in your script) etc. But you try recording beginning at the first
sample. So chuck isn't ready early enough and jack misses some response
from chuck. Something like 1000 ms => now at the start of the script may
change that.

I remember this fixed some xruns of this kind for me some time ago. But I
have to admit, that I am not really convinced by my own description of the
reasons above.

Do you also get xruns if you only connect adc and dac and then advance the

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