[chuck-users] Two loops?

Timothy Leonido timothy.leonido at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 14:27:00 EDT 2012


Is there any way for the two loops below to run simultaneously from the
same shred?  I'm wondering if, instead of weaving them together in the same
"while true,"  I could separate them into different functions (but running
at the same time), or something like that?

Any responses/links would be much appreciated.





        p.pan()*-1=> p.pan;

        0 => buf.pos;

        Std.rand2f(.6,.9) => buf.gain;

        .5::T => now;



    std.rand2f(.013,.03)=> tim.mix;

    std.rand2f(.013,.03)=> mit.mix;

    0 => fub.pos;

    Std.rand2f(.8,.9) => fub.gain;

   .5::T => now;

     0 => fub.pos;

    Std.rand2f(.3,.2) => fub.gain;

    .5::T => now;

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