[chuck-users] Sending raw midi / sysex

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 09:41:13 EDT 2012


> I did the attached patch some time back...


IMHO we increasingly need a repository for user-contributed branches
and some sort of process for testing them and perhaps moving them to
the main distribution.

I imagine that patches like this could be added in the form of
branches and tested by those willing to risk a crash or two. Once a
patch would turn out to be useful, stable and coherent with the rest
according to some group of users somebody like Ge or Spencer could
review it and perhaps move it in.

That way there is less risk of crashing stuff making it in and we
minimise putting extra pressure on the dev-time of the devs, while
still making use of the resources that we have as a community. IMHO we
currently could use this kind of contribution and we have the capacity
to generate them, but no real way of joining those. That's a waste, I

I know that particularly Spencer sees benefits in a centralised
process (and I agree those are there!) but I think that with something
like the above we could get a lot of the benefits of a distributed one
yet still maintain centralised oversight.


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