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David Ogborn ogbornd at mcmaster.ca
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Great answer - I'm going to save it and quote it whenever needed! :)

Yours truly,

On 2012-08-09, at 10:03 PM, Kassen wrote:

> Hey Ronni,
>> Hi, i was wondering, is there any benefit in  chuck approach  having
>> one sample block size comparing with supercollider ?
> Yes, there is, we're not totally silly :-)
> Not using block processing has two big advantages for us. The biggest
> one is that that way you can use a feedback loop over a series of
> UGens and not have the block-size added as a delay to the loop. This
> becomes quite important in things like feedback in FM modulation for
> noise, physical modelling, tuned delays, etc, etc.
> The other is that we can easily modulate UGens with a precision down
> to the sample. Theoretically you could do that with block processing
> as well, but then it becomes a lot more complicated.
>> are there things that can be done with chuck that cannot be done with sc3?
> To be honest; not really. All of this can be done in SC as well by
> creating a new UGens plugin for SC. All of the things SC can do we can
> do too... but of course some things will be easier, even much easier
> in one of the two. A good example of what ChucK is good at is this
> kind of thing; doing DSP in the language itself using feedback over
> UGens or by writing a function that does the processing and makes a
> "Step" UGen output those values as a audio stream. Other
> timing-related things ChucK also tends to be strong at, for example
> execution order is  always deterministic and nearly always very
> obviously clear, even with parallel processes. The integration of the
> analysis/resynthesis stuff with the timing thing seems unique to me,
> not sure how SC handles that in the details. I think it is nice how
> ChucK abstracts stuff like HID interfaces in the same way across OS's,
> I don't think SC does that (yet). There are other cases, I'm sure, you
> get the picture.
> Generally, unless you really need some specific feature in either, I'd
> say you should pick the one that has a syntax that makes you feel at
> home, everything else is just icing. SC's larger library of UGens or
> ChucK's timing accuracy will be little consolation if you end up not
> happy coding in it. If you're not sure which one I suggest that you
> spend a weekend with both. Expressive code makes for expressive
> music*.
> Yours,
> Kas.
> *not a actual scientific proven fact (yet?).
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