[chuck-users] chuck vs supercollider?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 10:15:23 EDT 2012

On 12 August 2012 10:28, Atte André Jensen <atte at email.dk> wrote:
> I seem to remember Ge saying something like "first we make it work, *then*
> we make it fast", however development of chuck stopped before the last part
> was started :-(

I don't think it "stopped" as such, there has been some activity, for
example the "Chugins" that we know are in the pipeline.
Because of that I'd place the focus on a lack of communication,  but I
can see where you are coming from :-/.

Making stuff "fast" while keeping all of the benefits we talked about
above may not be that simple, even. Particularly not now that "fast"
has come to mean "using multi-threading". Then again; that might be
good. That makes it a interesting problem to work on (good for
programmers) and I'd say there would be a paper or two in a solution
(good for researchers).

For less structural issues I'd just like to refer back to my notes on
a distributed model as a way of taking away some of that dev-time
bottleneck. I said enough about that, there's a line between friendly
advice at times and non-stop whining :-)


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