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Scott Hewitt witt0191 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 09:11:11 EDT 2012

I am very intrested in this as well once sketched a system which detected
inactivity on shred output to trigger in action.

Would be intrested in helping with a hacking session and cip has some of
this functionality in place but I think driven through OsX mini audicle GUI
interface elements

All the best

On Aug 19, 2012 1:56 PM, "Kassen" <signal.automatique at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 03:10:50AM +0200, Bastian Schumacher wrote:
> > Why shouldn't it be possible to write a class for the pre-planned part
> which you can use to include your live code and pass the parameters during
> runtime (directly after leaving the loop). At least this would be an
> adequate solution from the theoretic standpoint. One could use a key from
> the keyboard as trigger button and the code may alter the parameters of the
> exit code if the tail may vary. I don't see anything that chuck can do now
> that could not be done using that technique.
> You are right, of course; all the features are there. Ideally we'd
> insert something like a ENvelope between the shred and the dac, then
> write our own code for hotkey-based launching and updating.
> Could be done -in theory- in a weekend, especially if we'd involve our
> favourite scriptable editor.
> My comment wasn't base don the theory, but on the fear that this would
> run into the issues the type-system has. I see no way around storing
> the shreds and the representation of the shred's audio output(s) in a
> array, then re-assigning to that as stuff gets updated and that is
> where, in my experience, so nasty bugs are hiding.
> You are totally right about the possibility feature-wise and I may
> well be wrong; maybe it'd all work without a hitch. Maybe I'm getting
> old; it's not very ChucKist to fear a few bugs. ;-)
> Yours,
> Kas.
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