[chuck-users] (chimera) unleashed!

Spencer Salazar spencer at ccrma.stanford.edu
Fri Aug 24 20:14:41 EDT 2012

Dear all,

chuck- (chimera) is available:


This release incorporates ChuGins, a new way to extend ChucK. ChuGins
are a continual work in progress, and we encourage feedback in
anticipation of rapid updates, tweaks, and fixes. Chugens and
Chubgraphs provide additional mechanisms for extending ChucK's
built-in audio capabilities. Furthermore, this release variety of
smaller fixes and additions.

To start developing ChuGins, please see several examples here, in
addition to the chuginate utility, which generates the skeleton
framework for a new ChuGin.

(Please see the release notes at the end of this email.)

Many many thanks once again to Kassen, Casper Schipper, Jorge Herrera,
Hongchan Choi, and everyone on chuck-users, as well as PLOrk, SLOrk,
the Food Services Division at Smule, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Carr
Wilkerson, Chris Chafe, and the rest of the chuck community for making
this release happen!

Thanks and Happy ChucKing, UpChucKing!

Ge + Spencer, on behalf of entire chuck team

  - (added) Chugins: dynamically loaded compiled classes/ugens
            see http://chuck.stanford.edu/extend/ for examples.
  - (added) new command line options
            --chugin-load:{auto|off}     disable/enable chugin loading
            -gFILE/--chugin:FILE         load chugin at FILE
            -GPATH/--chugin-path:PATH    load all chugins in directory PATH
            --dac:NAME                   use dac with name matching NAME
            --adc:NAME                   use adc with name matching NAME
  - (added) Chubgraphs: create ugens by compositing existing UGens
            see examples/extend/chubgraph.ck
  - (added) ChuGens: create ugen by implementing audio-rate processing in ChucK
            see examples/extend/chugen.ck
  - (added) new ugens:
            - WvOut2: stereo uncompressed audio file output
            - SndBuf2: stereo uncompressed audio file input
  - (added) new functions:
            - me.sourcePath()
                returns file path of source file corresponding to this shred
            - me.sourceDir()
                returns directory of source file corresponding to this shred
            - MidiIn.open(string name)
                open MIDI input matching name
            - MidiOut.open(string name)
                open MIDI output matching name
            - Hid.open(string name)
                open HID matching name
  - (added) experimental OS X multitouch HID
  - (fixed) real-time audio on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  - (fixed) IO.newline() now flushes "chout"
  - (fixed) "chout" and "cherr" now invoke member functions correctly
  - (fixed) no for statement conditional handled correctly
  - (fixed) STK WvOut correctly handles case when file open fails
  - (fixed) << operator for arrays now correctly references counts
  - (fixed) crashing bug when receiving external events at a high-rate
            ("the OSC bug")
  - (fixed) scope closing correctly dereferences local objects
  - (fixed) crash when exiting shreds with connected ugens
  - (fixed) deallocation of "empty" Shred object no longer crashes
  - (fixed) crash when HID events are sent to an exited shred
  - (fixed) destructors for built-in objects are executed

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