[chuck-users] chugins

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 11:42:20 EDT 2012

Hey Spencer!

I thought I'd send this to you through the list because it potentially
affects others. I'll explain things you already know for them.

You'll remember I (like Caspar) did a ChuGin for testing and fun. I
wrote it, which wasn't very hard; nearly everything in the C++ that is
unlike writing your own DSP in a ChucK Shred could be copy-pasted.
After verifying that this worked and was fun I wrote some
documentation for it so that others could enjoy it and I seem to
remember I slapped the GPLv2 on it so that they'd be allowed to enjoy
it in any way I'd call reasonable.

All in all a nice package... But let's be honest; I'm no C++ wizard,
English isn't my first language and I can generally be a bit
distracted; there are quite possibly a issue or two with it.

Back when I send it I asked for opinions but while we are being
realistic; you probably have a lot of other things to review too,
things that probably do have deadlines.

Currently my "KasFilter", which is supposed to be a fun "non-clean"
filter especially suited for kinds of music with a low-aesthetic that
need a prominent filter, doesn't seem to be centrally distributed.

I'd like it to be so I'd like to talk about how we can address the
above in a way that makes everyone happy. For that I'd be perfectly
willing to run tests, change stuff, etc and generally be a guinea-pig
for such a process. If we don't I can host it too, but then I foresee
having to maintain a list of links to ChuGins that people made, with
all of the inconveniences that might bring.

What I could for example do is make a GitHub account and request
privileges to push my work into your repository? That'd centralise
stuff though not everyone who'd like a few new UGens might be
comfortable with Git and make.


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