[chuck-users] (chimera) unleashed!

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 13:01:28 EDT 2012


The build fails for me on LinuxMint 64

$ uname -a
Linux xxx 3.2.0-23-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 10 20:39:51 UTC 2012
x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

$ make linux-alsa
gcc -O3 -D__LINUX_ALSA__ -O3 -fno-strict-aliasing
-D__CK_SNDFILE_NATIVE__ -c ugen_xxx.cpp -o ugen_xxx.o
ugen_xxx.cpp: In function ‘void foogen_ctor(Chuck_Object*, void*,
Chuck_VM_Shred*, CK_DL_API)’:
ugen_xxx.cpp:1200:64: error: cast from ‘FooGen_Data*’ to ‘unsigned
int’ loses precision [-fpermissive]
ugen_xxx.cpp:1229:70: error: cast from ‘Chuck_Object*’ to ‘unsigned
int’ loses precision [-fpermissive]
ugen_xxx.cpp:1241:77: error: cast from ‘double*’ to ‘unsigned int’
loses precision [-fpermissive]
make: *** [ugen_xxx.o] Error 1

I don't think this is related to 64-bitness, or at least it is
something different than I get with, which builds fine but
core dumps when run.


Spencer Salazar <spencer at ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:
> chuck- (chimera) is available:
>     http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/
>     http://chuck.stanford.edu/
> This release incorporates ChuGins, a new way to extend ChucK. ChuGins
> are a continual work in progress, and we encourage feedback in
> anticipation of rapid updates, tweaks, and fixes. Chugens and
> Chubgraphs provide additional mechanisms for extending ChucK's
> built-in audio capabilities. Furthermore, this release variety of
> smaller fixes and additions.
> To start developing ChuGins, please see several examples here, in
> addition to the chuginate utility, which generates the skeleton
> framework for a new ChuGin.
> https://github.com/spencersalazar/chugins
> and:
> https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~spencer/publications/CCC2012.pdf
> (Please see the release notes at the end of this email.)
> Many many thanks once again to Kassen, Casper Schipper, Jorge Herrera,
> Hongchan Choi, and everyone on chuck-users, as well as PLOrk, SLOrk,
> the Food Services Division at Smule, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Carr
> Wilkerson, Chris Chafe, and the rest of the chuck community for making
> this release happen!
> Thanks and Happy ChucKing, UpChucKing!
> Best,
> Ge + Spencer, on behalf of entire chuck team
> ---
>   - (added) Chugins: dynamically loaded compiled classes/ugens
>             see http://chuck.stanford.edu/extend/ for examples.
>   - (added) new command line options
>             --chugin-load:{auto|off}     disable/enable chugin loading
>             -gFILE/--chugin:FILE         load chugin at FILE
>             -GPATH/--chugin-path:PATH    load all chugins in directory PATH
>             --dac:NAME                   use dac with name matching NAME
>             --adc:NAME                   use adc with name matching NAME
>   - (added) Chubgraphs: create ugens by compositing existing UGens
>             see examples/extend/chubgraph.ck
>   - (added) ChuGens: create ugen by implementing audio-rate processing in ChucK
>             see examples/extend/chugen.ck
>   - (added) new ugens:
>             - WvOut2: stereo uncompressed audio file output
>             - SndBuf2: stereo uncompressed audio file input
>   - (added) new functions:
>             - me.sourcePath()
>                 returns file path of source file corresponding to this shred
>             - me.sourceDir()
>                 returns directory of source file corresponding to this shred
>             - MidiIn.open(string name)
>                 open MIDI input matching name
>             - MidiOut.open(string name)
>                 open MIDI output matching name
>             - Hid.open(string name)
>                 open HID matching name
>   - (added) experimental OS X multitouch HID
>   - (fixed) real-time audio on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
>   - (fixed) IO.newline() now flushes "chout"
>   - (fixed) "chout" and "cherr" now invoke member functions correctly
>   - (fixed) no for statement conditional handled correctly
>   - (fixed) STK WvOut correctly handles case when file open fails
>   - (fixed) << operator for arrays now correctly references counts
>   - (fixed) crashing bug when receiving external events at a high-rate
>             ("the OSC bug")
>   - (fixed) scope closing correctly dereferences local objects
>   - (fixed) crash when exiting shreds with connected ugens
>   - (fixed) deallocation of "empty" Shred object no longer crashes
>   - (fixed) crash when HID events are sent to an exited shred
>   - (fixed) destructors for built-in objects are executed

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