[chuck-users] WvOut: writes soundfile, but always silent

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 12:49:34 EDT 2012


> // undocumented fileGain parameter sets output gain of resulting audio file

That would certainly explain it :-)
I wasn't aware, BTW, plain plain wave files (let's count AIFF and raw
there too) having such a parameter. Is this a simple input gain or
meant as a convenience for more high-level file formats that might
contain instructions on how to play them back?

> // waveOut.closeFile();
> // dont explicitly close file; file implicitly closed at shred exit

Ok, here is the real reason for my mail. We can still close it manually, right?
I also think I got into the habit of manually closing after in the bad
old days the implicit closing would not work perfectly when the shred
would exit in some non-clean way (it's been a few years...). Has
something there changes or are we now simply behaving more like the
specs say we will?


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