[chuck-users] problems with chubgraphs

Robin Haberkorn robin.haberkorn at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 29 13:53:17 EDT 2012

Sorry to bother you again, but I'm experiencing difficulties using the
new Chubgraph feature. Using v1.3.0.2 of course.

class TestChubgraph extends Chubgraph {
	SinOsc o => dac;
	400 => o.freq;

TestChubgraph c;

10::second => now;

This code does the sine wave sound but it should be silent since "c" is
not connected to dac. Reading the Chubgraph example, I thought that the
dac in the Chubgraph class is local to the object instance - as a way to
connect to the UGen's output.
Also what's strange is that the number of channels reported for dac in
the class is the same as the number of output channels I've requested
for ChucK.
Did I miss something or is it a bug?

Also thinking about Chugens, could someone comment on the performance
aspect of using them for audio-rate processing (in comparison to a
traditional 1::samp loop, e.g. in a Chubgraph)?

Thanks in advance,

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