[chuck-users] one sample block size vs demand rate

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 17:34:35 EDT 2012


> Do you guys know about this?

I didn't, thanks!

> What do you think about the posibilities of one sample block size in
> chuck vs demant rate posibilities in sc3?  Are they both equivalent?
> or can you make things that you cannot do  with the other?

It seems to me that both are ways to attempt to efficiently (and as
easily as possible) make trades between cpu usage and sound quality.
This has been one of the big questions in computer music since
CSound's "k rate". CSound's method is simple but not so flexible
(improvements may have been made in recent years) and that flexibility
is what ChucK's "advancing time" is more or less about.

We make (IMHO) a good trade in that we add complexity but at the same
time also open the way to new and powerful things, in particular that
we can have a loop run at exactly one "beat", which may not be a
integer number of samples in length, and that the rounding errors that
this causes won't add up. The SC world is full of very clever people
so I'm sure that their solutions will have comparable benefits.


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