[chuck-users] Dealing with String objects?

Wolfgang Gil wolfgang.gil at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 15:45:45 EST 2012

Hello chuckers

I am looking for a reference to the 'string' object class in chuck. I am
having a hard time trying to guess what methods are available for the
I also recently came across with the StringTokenizer object but it seems to
work only when the token is a white space. Is it possible to assign a
different token to the object?

here is what I am working on

UGen uArray[3];

new SinOsc @=> uArray[0];

new TriOsc @=> uArray[1];

new PulseOsc @=> uArray[2];

for(0 => int i; i < 3; i++)



    now + 1::second => now;


What gets printed is the object's type plus what I believe is a reference
to memory that I am currently not interested in, separated by a colon (

Happy holidays!


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