[chuck-users] [BUG] otf blocks at error

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 15:05:30 EST 2012

Fellow ChucKists,

When I am running "chuck --loop" in one terminal, then run "chuck +
foo.ck" in another, where foo.ck is a file that contains some syntax
error (or is just a random file) the last command will block. By that
I mean the error is printed correctly (even "chuck -v + foo.ck" prints
correctly) but after that I don't get my prompt back until I give it a
extra [enter] or Ctrl+c.

At the moment of removing the block the terminal running "chuck
--loop" will report a "0-length packet" yet it continues to run fine.

This is a bug, clearly, but more can be said about it. First of all it
need not be a person issuing the otf command, it could be a script,
for example if we'd like to run ChucK from a editor that supports
highlighting the location of the error -if any- that depends on the
compilation of code to return. For such cases plain ChucK doesn't work
because when all is well ChucK likely will return a stream of data
instead of a single statement. 

Secondly; if this would indicate a error in the error reporting that
might explain the amount of segfaulting VM's at incorrect code we have
recently seen. I'd quite like that one to be addressed because the VM
has been crashing so easily at incorrect files that livecoding becomes
a bit of a risky proposition. Well, more risky :-)

This is based on the version from the repository running alsa linux,


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