[chuck-users] The iLes Project

Lester Hall inventoralchemi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 03:08:42 EST 2012

Hello ChucKists!

I have been away from the list for a while and I am back now with a new
project.  Basically I am doing motion control of music for exercise and
weight loss purposes, plus also for performance art.  A friend has provided
many samples of things like drums, robots, light sabres, thunder, etc. and
I am also using the ChucK instruments in addition to the samples.

The idea is that for a music programming geek like me, it will be a fun
adventure to develop software and hardware combinations that permit me to
dance my way to a better state of physical fitness.  So far I have been
working on gestures recognized from the (x,y) inputs of my Gyration Air
Mouse, and soon I will get an iPod Touch for this purpose as well.  Then I
will have a sensor for each hand / arm, both of which interface with ChucK,
plus the iPod Touch can be used in a standalone mode using the right apps.

So far my best program is the flute and I have added frequency scale and
time quantization at my friend's suggestion which really helps it sound
good.  I am also creating a music album for release on the EdP netlabel and
video blogging my progress on electro-music.com, the home of the ChucK
forum.  If you have any questions or suggestions, I welcome them - and have
a great day!

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