[chuck-users] ChucK Latency on laptop

Matt Bard mattthestrat at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 26 14:23:28 EST 2012

Hello all,
I've recently begun looking into using ChucK a little for odds and ends.  It's a very interesting language.  In fact, I just wrote a guitar (audio) looper capable of simple looping and overdubbing (to replace a stompbox).  While it appears that everything works just fine, I am encountering enough latency to cause noticeable problems in my musical timing.  I've tried reducing the buffersize down to 64 and I've attempted to use the --level110 command, but --level always informs me that it isn't capable of changing the schedule for some reason.  I'm running Windows 7 on a simple laptop with the default soundcard (yes, I know that's pretty rough).  Regardless, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to lower the latency?  And how could I adjust the priority of ChucK?
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