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Lester Hall inventoralchemi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 05:24:12 EST 2012

I'm not sure if my prior message got through as it was mixed up with
rejoining the group, but in that message i posted that I was working on an
iPod Touch based motion control system.  I have since reconsidered and went
for a WiiMote approach.  This was due to the fact that a friend told me
that Osculator had "grown up" into a full-fledged windowed application
which is a lot easier for me to use than the unix command line solution it
was before (been there, not my thing anymore).

So now I have four brand new WiiMotes, a copy of Osculator, and a three
year old Mac mini with ChucK miniAudicle on it.  I have set up Osculator to
send MIDI CC messages for two of the WiiMotes including raw accels and all
buttons but not including the IR sensor (yet).  Also I have written some
programs, the main resulting effort of which is a flute/drum program with
good sound and acceptable control setup.

Next I will work on improving the control gestures of the flute/drum
program and possibly replacing the drums with a saxophone.  Also I need to
work out some kind of physical arrangement for holding the ankle or foot
mounted WiiMotes.  I am also updating the video blog and text record of the
progress and recording songs for an album.

Your suggestions and comments are very welcome, thanks in advance for your

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