[chuck-users] Most recent Chuck for Lion?

Anthony Bowyer-Lowe anthony at lowbroweye.com
Tue Feb 28 03:55:33 EST 2012

> I've been running Chuck on a MacPro with a Cinema Display, and I notice
> that the audio device switching isn't handled well by either the
> hardware/OS, or other audio apps. Often I have to diddle around with the
> Sound Preferences output to get Amadeus or Reaper to play to my headphones,
> or the display audio, instead of the internal speaker. So perhaps this has
> something to do with it.

I can't promise this will help, but I'm a fan of running Rogue Amoeba's
free Sound Source app on OS X which makes selecting the machine's audio
output really quick and simple:

    (bottom of page)

It overrides the Mac's automatic device switching so just may be a fix. I
don't know if it works on Lion - it's a bit old - but it functions great on
Snow Leopard.

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