[chuck-users] Getting the status of running shreds *into* chuck

Jordan Orelli jordanorelli at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 14:37:54 EDT 2012


Have you ever gotten this working?  I've tried it and it seems there's a problem with the way chuck buffers its output.  The status lines don't come out until the process ends.  The only way I've been able to read the status line without stopping the VM is to run chuck inside of GNU screen and log its output (screen -L chuck --loop), and tail the log file, but I don't know how to configure screen to make it constantly log its output; it seems to only log periodically, so there's a delay until you see the status output.  I've tried a few different things with appending to files or writing to FIFOs but the way the chuck command writes its output always seems to pose a stumbling block.


chuck version: (dracula)
   exe target: mac os x : universal binary

On Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 2:25 PM, Kassen wrote:

> Hey Atte,
> > If this is not directly possible, does anyone have an idea for a hack?
> Shred objects have a .running() and a .done() member function. Those
> might cover your usage case?
> Rather cludgy workaround; you could have the VM pipe its output to a
> file, then create a chuck function that would clear the file, call for
> the VM status using Std.system( "chuck --status)", then read the file.
> This would be rather slow.
> It's odd that this seems so hard. Maybe we need to re-think the status
> stuff. I'd like to also repeat that I feel it'd be useful of the chuck
> command, when connecting to a already running VM, would return the
> result of it's operation, instead of printing it to the VM's window.
> It seems that while convenient for human readers the place where the
> status gets returned is rather inconvenient for reading by processes.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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