[chuck-users] Ramping Sine and other Inputs

Perry Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Jul 13 16:18:12 EDT 2012

>      Jordan Orelli <jordanorelli at gmail.com>   Wrote:
>                   there's no way to use this to ramp an arbitrary variable, 
>                     like the frequency of a SinOsc, for example, is there?  
>                   Cause I do stuff like this and find it kinda annoying: 

Hey Jordan, 

Not for any arbitrary UG, but for SineOsc, Phasor, and some others,
there is a .sync() method that instructs them to look at anything ChucKed
to their input as a frequency.  Here's a silly example with SinOsc:

SinOsc s => dac;
0 => s.sync;
Step blah => Envelope freq => s;
1.0 => blah.next;
0.5 :: second => freq.duration;

1 => freq.keyOn;
while (1)  {
    Std.rand2f(0.1,1.0) :: second => now;    
    Std.rand2f(100.0,1000.0) => freq.target;

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