[chuck-users] question about memory optimization

chriswicks crwicks at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 5 09:05:28 EDT 2012

Hello all!  I have a moderately-sized project that I'm working on right now...the basic gist is that it's several smaller ChucK programs containing infinite loops and OSC event "listeners" that trigger certain behaviors or events in the music all running concurrently (the main catcher/sender for the OSC values is being written in C++).  All told, in its present state there are 26 shreds running in the VM.

This program takes up a LOT of CPU resources, and I was wondering if anybody had any tips on optimization, or if this is just a fact of life with a ChucK program of this nature.  I know that the OSC stuff has only recently been implemented.  I feel like I've been reasonably efficient with my code, but I'm seeing upwards of 80% CPU usage.  It stays pretty stable, but this seems like a lot.  In its current state, it's unplayable on my dual-core laptop, but my quad-core desktop can handle it OK.

Thanks for any insight!

-chris wicks
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