[chuck-users] include/import (am noob)

George Locke george.locke.maxmsp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 17:41:47 EST 2012


I want to make a library of functions that I can call from any chuck
script.  If I put those functions in one file, how do I access them from
another?  It would be great if I could make them into a new namespace, akin
to Std.X or Math.X (I am using miniAudicle 0.2.0, not command line.)

(I checked the language specification for the words "include" and "import"
and found nothing relevant.)


(I am new to chuck, but not to computer programming, nor computer audio.)

PS is there a popular/built-in solution for making exponentially
distributed, normally distributed, etc random variables?

PPS If not, I'd be happy to share my work - is there a common way for
people to share code like this?
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