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Jordan Orelli jordanorelli at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 17:52:31 EST 2012

use Machine.add.  The docs aren't descriptive, but when you Machine.add a ChucK program, any classes it defines will be available in the runtime for any future chuck programs you add to the VM.  The ChucK compiler is single-pass and has no concept of make files or a build system, though, so if you want one file to include another file, you have to have a third file that defines the order to add the files to the VM.  


e.g., here's an example of a ChucK program that I invoke that imports a bunch of other utility files: https://github.com/jordanorelli/wii-chuck-synth/blob/master/resin.ck

if you look in resin_run.ck, I utilize some of the stuff that is imported in resin.ck.  resin_run.ck will fail to compile if those other files aren't already loaded into the VM, so it's resin that I run from the command line.

On Mar 5, 2012, at 5:41 PM, George Locke wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to make a library of functions that I can call from any chuck script.  If I put those functions in one file, how do I access them from another?  It would be great if I could make them into a new namespace, akin to Std.X or Math.X (I am using miniAudicle 0.2.0, not command line.)  
> (I checked the language specification for the words "include" and "import" and found nothing relevant.)
> Thanks,
> George
> (I am new to chuck, but not to computer programming, nor computer audio.)
> PS is there a popular/built-in solution for making exponentially distributed, normally distributed, etc random variables?
> PPS If not, I'd be happy to share my work - is there a common way for people to share code like this?
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