[chuck-users] Various general questions

Robin Haberkorn robin.haberkorn at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 23 11:37:13 EDT 2012


I'm relatively new to ChucK. I knew it for some time but only now I
start using it "seriously".
I have a couple of questions and hope that you may answer them:

1) Does ChucK have a public source repository? (This question may be
I understand that CVS was used but I think I read somewhere that it was
replaced with SVN. The Git repo here
(http://repo.or.cz/w/chuck-blob.git) hasn't been updated for a long time
and thus cannot reflect the recent changes some of you are talking about
in the mailing list.
Having a public repo somewhere could greatly facilitate the project and
I feel that it is a must-have for every modern open source project. As
I'm a developer myself, I might get tempted to fix one of the many bugs
ChucK unfortunately still has. Without the repo, I cannot check whether
it is already fixed in the development branch. Without the repo or any
nightly exports, people cannot try out and test new features, give
feedback, etc...

2) Is there a real bug tracker somewhere?
I found the one in the wiki, but it is somewhat confusing...

3) Is there a way to use multiple sound devices in one ChucK VM?
I'm using chuck on Linux-ALSA. It seems I have to specify the
dac on the command line (--dacX). This could probably be used to start
one VM per soundcard and exchange audio data via netout/netin. I will
try this soon.
However just out of curiosity, is multiple-dac support in one VM
anticipated some time in the future?

4) regarding netout/netin. This may also be useful for integration with
other applications like Pure Data. Does anyone have experience with it
or details about the protocol if there is any? If not I will have a look
at it as soon as I need it and write a Pure Data external if necessary.

5) I read about an Un-Chuck operator (=<). However it appears nowhere in
the current docs. Is it still supported, or temporarily disabled?

6) In the "Developer Guide" I read something about OpenGL support. This
was the only mention of OpenGL support I came across. I suppose if this
really exists, it is a new development feature since v1.2.1.3 does not
appear to posses any (undocumented) OpenGL API.

Best regards,
Robin Haberkorn

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