[chuck-users] OSC function crashing Chuck?

Simon Steptoe simonsteptoe at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 25 10:38:25 EST 2012

Whilst working on some OSC stuff, I got to a situation where Chuck
(and mini-Audicle) kept crashing at the end of the main shred.

I've stripped out all the Ugens and synthesis stuff and am left with
the following algorithm (see below) as the culprit. At the end of the
5 seconds duration of the main shred, Chuck crashes. Take out
"oeGetProcessId => now;" and all is fine.

Now aside from whether it's a viable/good piece of code or not, I was
surprised that it goes so far as to crash the system.

Is it a bug... or is it me? (Code below).

Simon Steptoe

//CODE ==============================================
OscRecv RecvProcess;
32000 => RecvProcess.port;
RecvProcess.event("/process/id, i " ) @=> OscEvent @ oeGetProcessId;

Shred oscProcess;

spork ~ oscProcessingIt() @=> oscProcess;
5::second => now;

fun int oscProcessingIt()
    int testValue;
    while (true)
        oeGetProcessId => now;
        if( oeGetProcessId.nextMsg() != 0)
            oeGetProcessId.getInt() => testValue;
            <<<"Hello from PROCESSING: ",testValue>>>;
        0.1::second => now;


Simon Steptoe

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